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I work in a bakery surrounded by women, so I'm on here to meet lots and lots of men to make up for all the time I miss out on. I like vodka, sex, walks on the beach, and... sex on the beach! If you put that puzzle together on your own, maybe you should gimme a shout. I like to party but I hate the bar scene, go figure. I'm a contradiction. Hope you can handle me! - Dream_Genevieve
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This is CRZY EMBRSSNG and I don't know what my girlfriend wants me to put here. We're looking for a chick who wants to party. Somewhere between 18 26? My girlfriend likes blondes, but I like brunettes. Basically if you're normal, then DM us. We're open to trying different things and would like to do this more than once with the same person if we like you. P/S I have a car. K thx! - xADVENTURETIMEx
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Have no fear cuz tim is here! I like it rough but I'm a kitten in bed. Meow! I work out like a ninja and like guys who are in shape and older. Part-time vegetarian. Not looking for anything serious. - blotto_blonde


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I wasn't looking for anything serious, but a one night stand turned into my first serious boyfriend. I'm a good girl trapped in a bad girl's body and I never thought I'd find a guy who would be into that, especially not from a hookup site. It's true! There is someone for everyone on here! - xDarkAngelx
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I'm an honest, hard-working, creative kind of guy. A lot of girls seem to be put off by a man in touch with his emotions and I'm not interested in pretending to be someone I'm not. I had almost given up hope on finding a nice girl who appreciated me for me, but I discovered there are a lot of women who like my type. You just have to look for them online, lol. Hallelujah! Thank you, 'babesinmybed!' - DONT_MESS_WITH_TEX
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We were looking for another couple, outside of our friend group, to experiment with. We ended up finding a few. We still have once-a-month get togethers with our favorite pair. It really spiced up our sex life and keeps our eyes from wandering outside of the relationship. So glad that I proposed this to my husband. This is the best hookup site, hands down! Secret tip: Alcohol is a must! - McDreamies
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I'm a divorced mother of two and not ready to settle down again any time soon, but I have an insatiable appetite for men. So I came on here to keep me 'full'. And it worked. I have a limited social circle, but because of this site I've been able to 'taste the rainbow'. This site is better than the other adult online personals I signed up for at the same time. I ended up quitting almost all of them, and putting all of my energy into 'Babes'. I'm gonna be a lifetime member, so send me a message if you're interested! - so-quiche-ahhh

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image descriptionGANGSTARR_QUINCY

I like the fyner things in lyfe. I got a bottle of Moet waiting for you if you got a big juicy derriere and wanna come ride with me. I know I'm pretty but ladies only.

image descriptionmarco123

Up front, I'm married. That's my wife in the photo. We've been together since we were sixteen and got married at nineteen. For the past decade I've had a growing desire to explore another side of myself that I've never been able to for various reasons. Long story short, we just moved outside of NYC and my wife has agreed to let me take this journey with men and see where it leads. I'm not looking to leave my wife, I'm just looking for an open and non-judgmental man who is not put off by my lack of experience. I'm not closing myself off to anyone, so message me if this complicated situation piques your interest. My wife will not be participating.

image descriptionandrea_pickles

Hi hi hi! My name is Andrea. I recently got out of a 7 yr relationship (ugh, right?) and am looking for the exact opposite of what I just had. No mothering types, no rules, no bedtimes. I want a woman (or young woman) who wants to mess around. Maybe we'll end up dating, but right now I need to break free. Let me hear your body talk. (+5 points if you like Olivia too.)


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